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Kelley Bean Company

Kelley Bean Company

Agricultural Commodities

About Us

We are Family.

On the surface, Kelley Bean is an employee and family owned company founded in 1927 that processes and sells the dry edible beans which are sourced directly from its local community of grower partnerships. But beneath the standard company bio, We Are... Something More.

There is a humanity to our work where care and concern for our growers, our employees, and our customers is likened to that of an extended family. We have a strong commitment to quality and safety and their relation to the Kelley family name and the family names of our employees. There is a rare authenticity here where trust, reliability, history, and values still hold meaning. We choose our relationships carefully as the investment in our relationships represents long term thinking - long term thinking over generations. We invest in the numerous small communities around the country we call home and our employees wear such hats as mayor, city councilman, Chamber of Commerce President, and hospital board member among others.

Agriculture is the root of our success and our employees provide the strength for our continued growth. The success of our customer is the fruit of our labor. We are dedicated to safely and affordably feeding the World, our community, and you.


  • Risk Management
  • Experience / Customer Service
  • Grown in the U.S.A
  • Food Safety / Quality
  • Supply Chain Control


Great Northern
Light Red Kidney
Red Kidney
Small Red

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